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August 5, 2015

Shared Decision Making Called for by the Situation of Suffering

By Victor M. Montori Victor M. Montori

By Ian Hargraves, Maggie Breslin, Nassim Jafarinaimi Healthcare, like any care, is the product of what people can do and who they can be for each other in the midst of suffering. The relationship of people attending to suffering finds its most direct expression in contemporary healthcare in the relationship of patient and clinician. ┬áThe […]

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April 30, 2015

For Empathic Decision Making

By Victor M. Montori Victor M. Montori

By Victor M Montori, Ian Hargraves, Annie LeBlanc Policymakers fashionably prescribe shared decision making for patients who face fateful decisions. These patients have two or more medically reasonable courses of action that differ in important aspects. The extent to which these aspects differ in ways that matter to each individual patient justifies patient involvement in […]

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