November 16, 2010

Where are the KER UNIT decision aids for chronic disease?


At Mayo Clinic's Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit (KER UNIT), patients, clinicians, and researchers work together to produce decision aids.  Indeed, the KER UNIT is the premier investigative group focused on designing, testing, and implementing shared decision making tools for management decisions in patients with chronic conditions.

Because these tools are built on generosity, they must be available to all. In that spirit we maintain two websites that offer these tools.

  • The KER UNIT website is the place to see what we are working on.
  • The KERCards website is where we place the finished tools, particularly those who have undergone experimental evaluation in real clinical settings.  Material includes videos demonstrating their use.  Where possible and pertinent, we have provided links to download these tools.

If you are planning to use these, let us know.  If you used them, let us know.  It is important that we continue to learn about the value these decision aids have to patients and clinicians everywhere.

Tags: Research in SDM, Shared decision making

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