November 12, 2010

Minnesota Shared Decision Making Collaborative


Written by: Annie LeBlanc, PhD, Research Fellow with the Knowledge and Encounter Research Unit at Mayo Clinic

The Minnesota Shared Decision Making Collaborative hosted, in collaboration with Health Partners, a one-day conference on Optimizing Shared Decision Making in Health Care. Their effort to gather healthcare providers, patients and policy makers interested in Shared Decision Making was well received as there were around 70 attendees.

Internationally recognized speakers and local experts shared their experience on Shared Decision Making and its implementation in practices and then engaged the audience in discussion around the place and future of Shared Decision Making in Minnesota’s communities.

Their take home message:

Practice: Make Shared Decision Making a habit by practicing everyday;

Facilitate: Facilitate Shared Decision Making by (i) making explicit the decision to be made, (ii) providing balanced information about options, (iii) asking patients what matters most.

Process:  The implementation of Shared Decision Making, facilitated by patient Decision aids, in both primary and specialty may be at least a partial solution to the problems of poor decision  quality and unwanted practice variation in the United States.

Succeed. A daily, communitiy-wide effort is our best chance to make Shared Decision Making a National success.

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I too have peripheral Neuropathy, only mine is in the left leg and foot. I also have restless leg, degenerative disc disease, kyphosis of thoracic region, COPD, OSA. The neuropathy is getting worse and the pain in my back is much worse. I am taking gabapentin, pramipexole. fentaNYL. Advair, albuterol, symbicort and am in the process of getting the machine for the sleep apnea. Things seem to be getting worse instead of better. I am wondering if some on the med. are doing it?

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Dr LeBlanc,

My name is Bob Dimler, a Co-Leader of One Voice, the PFAC in Cardiology. I first met you when you presented at one of our meetings. Having read you summation, of what sounded like a very worthwhile session – how does a patient learn of such opportunities? Since you are speaking of a Shared Decison Making Collaborative, there must be involved patients.

Please let me know how a patient – not necessarily me – can become a part of what sounds like an exciting and needed Collaborative. The subject is of the utmost importance to most patients.

Thank you.

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