Patient Advisory Group

IMG_6607The Wiser Choices Program of the Knowledge and Encounter Research Unit has maintained a partnership with a group of approximately 10 community members with diabetes in the Rochester, Minnesota, and surrounding area.  This advisory group has been meeting with Mayo Clinic researchers on a monthly basis for the past 7 years to provide feedback on research proposals, participant recruitment materials, surveys, and all areas of proposed and existing research.  The Diabetes Advisory Group (DAG) members view our research through a patient’s perspective, which assists us in detecting potential barriers and contributes to effective and meaningful research.

An important aspect of the impact of this group is its longstanding nature, allowing a constructive working relationship to develop between advisory group members and Mayo researchers.  DAG members contribute their personal, practical experiences in living with diabetes, and through their involvement, researchers remain connected to the real world of the patients that will be impacted.


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